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Goddess Knows Best – mygoddessanastasia

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Leaked Video: 11:46 min [854×480] Watch Full Video Online – Goddess Knows Best Leak You know you are weak. You’ve always been a pathetic simp boy and now it’s time to prove it. Now repeat after Me "Goddess knows best." No more questioning My authority. You should realize by now that I am a Superior Female who you live to serve. If I say jump, you say how high? If I say apply some lipstick, you say what color? If I say send a tribute, you say how much? These are not suggestions I give you. They are demands, more ways to prove that you are worthy. I keep you in My orbit for a reason. You were meant to serve Me. You are to be on your knees, slavishly worshipping and OBEYING. No more whining and excuses. When I tell you to do something, you are to do it, without question. If I blame you for something, whether it’s you’re fault or not, you are to accept blame. Why? Because it is ALWAYS your fault! You are sniveling worm whose sole purpose is to SERVE and OBEY Superior Women like Me!

Write and direct your perfect femdom fetish fantasy starring Me, your True Goddess! You can choose what I wear, if I use your name, props, etc. Order a custom clip from Me tailored to your Desire NOW! – mygoddessanastasia Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale