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Get Fucked By My Man – Emma Lux

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“Brian, as my slave I need you to not only service my needs, but also my boyfriend’s needs. Today you’ll be getting fucked by him. You’re in chastity still and I’ve tied you to our bed, so there’s no point in trying to resist. Your mind has been poisoned and is foggy by me and conditioned to do whatever I say. Every night my boyfriend will be using all your holes. I want you to cum like a good sissy while he fucks you in your sissy pussy. I’m going to train you to associate my boyfriend fucking you with pleasure and turn you into by gay sissy slave to service my alpha friends. You’ll be fucked every night while I watch, staring deep into my eyes and laugh as you moan like a good sissy. Brian, I don’t care if it hurts, I want you stretched and ready to satisfy my alpha friends. I am not letting you out of that cage Brian, so you better learn to find pleasure in riding that 12 inch cock. Instruct your boyfriend on how to fuck me. Stare into my eyes as you feel that giant alpha cock stretch your tight virgin hole. That’s right Brian feel my boyfriends cock deep inside you as you stare into my blue eyes. While he fucks you say “Thank you Princess Emma” over and over as you get fucked. Moan my name as he destroys your sissy pussy, as he gapes you wide. Tell me all the different sex positions you’d have your boyfriend fuck me. Watch this video every night Brian. You’re going to be such a good fuck toy for my alpha friends Brian”

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