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Short Boys Are Betas – QueenCarmella

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Leaked Video: 06:30 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – Short Boys Are Betas Leak I have no respect for men under 6″0. I think short men are naturally just betas! You were quite literally BORN to be a beta! Real men are tall, muscular, and hung. You can’t say that about yourself, can you? It must be super embarrassing that most women tower over you. I definitely do! Especially when I wear heels. That’s not a real man! You don’t deserve to date women like me. You simply deserve to be amusement for women to laugh at and mock. That’s why you get laughed at and degraded! A short, pathetic, loser like yourself has absolutely no hope whatsoever! – QueenCarmella Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale