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Amethyst Mars Pee Training of Her Puppy Slave – Femdom Puppy Play

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Leaked Video: 08:03 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Amethyst Mars Pee Training of Her Puppy Slave Leak Amethyst Mars brings you, her caged puppy slave, a special treat to lap up from a doggy bowl…her pee. You must lap it all up, not only because it’s an honor to consume her pee, but because that’s all you are going to get to quench your thirst. She puts a pee pad in your cage incase you have to go potty after lapping up her pee. She then surprises you with a tail, a butt plug tail to be exactly. She tells you to turn around so she can insert it in it. Once the tail is in she gives she reveals a chew toy and you two play a little bit of tug of war with it. Well that’s enough play for now, she grabs a collar and leash and your puppy ears because she is going to take you outside for a walk… – Femdom Puppy Play Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale