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You’re Too broke For Me – SerephDoll

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Leaked Video: 08:24 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – You’re Too broke For Me Leak Another excuse? Another talk? Honestly, I dont even care. You’ve been trying to hard to impress me. Doing every free task you can, putting yourself out there so I notice you but you just need to stop. You know what the deal is. You’re too broke for me. You could never afford my lifestyle or my ever growing wants. I’m super greedy and I like expensive things. So what does that mean for you loser? You’ll be added to the ranks of men who have tried to impress me by over drafting their bank accounts, taken out loans, refinanced their homes and sold their possessions just for a minute of my time. It starts to feel good giving me everything since I deserve it anyway. I’m all you can think of anymore. When I clean out your wallet you feel like you’ve just stepped into heaven. Only for me to drop your ass back to reality again when you aren’t supplying me with more cash. Better go find a payday advance place to get some more money for your perfect Goddess. Otherwise, you don’t even exist. – SerephDoll Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale