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Turning my loser boss into my bitch wallet – nina knightbloom

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Leaked Video: 33:35 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Turning my loser boss into my bitch wallet Leak I’m talking on the phone to my friend about how I milked my last slave dry but luckily I have a new wallet all lined up. He walks in and I tell my friend I’ve got to go to work, laugh, and hang up. My boss walks in, shuffles some papers and acts like he’s looking through his work. He looks over to ask me if he had any important calls. Bitchy I reply to him that he didn’t, disappointed he ask me to sign some paperwork as I do he watches me bending over the desk and loses focus. I sit back down, suggestively cross my legs and play with my legs. I spend a long time teasing him, driving him desperate to have me. He’s getting nervous and horny. I know he is a weakling for stockings and cleavage and I fully exploit that fact. I tell him that if he wants me I want fifty one percent of the company. He wimpers how the company can’t afford that and that he needs to file the papers I just signed. I tease him and keep the papers away from him. I take them in my hand and play with them. Teasing the loser to grab them from my hands but he doesn’t dare till the moment I let him have them. He stumbles and drops them all over the floor. While he’s down there he can just as well lick the high heels he adores so much. He stays on the ground worshiping my feet in these beautiful high heels. I make him my heel slave and make him lick and suck on them. His hands are reaching for my legs. I tell him he needs to pay the price before he can enter paradise. He want to do anything to be able to have me. I shred the papers he wanted to file and stand up to start undressing myself in front of his eyes teasing him with my big natural breasts and tight curvy body. He worships my body my juicy ass and lovely shaved pussy. His dick is so hard right now and I decide to put a lease around his erect dick while my panties are covering his face so my pussy smell can be inhaled like nothing else and drag him through the doorway before he finally gets a taste of paradise. He finally gets what he’s after as I suck his hard dick all the way until he explodes in my mouth. I swallow his loser cum and laugh. I know I own this bitch wallet now.

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