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Home from the wedding – EmpressZeph

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Leaked Video: 16:09 min [1280×720] Watch Full Video Online – Home from the wedding Leak As per my orders, loser doormat is waiting on his knees to kiss my goddess feet when I arrive back home from my gfs wedding. The event was HOT, as in: plenty of hot guys everywhere! and afterwards, some of my gfs and I partied with them and let’s just say–I am VERY sexually satisfied at this point!! I dangle my white heels for a bit, airing out my sweaty feet–they ache a little from dancing with several different guys, so I order slave to massage my feet and lick my soles while I text the hot guy I got with (you are lucky just to TOUCH my feet, slave!) Later in the clip, I tell cucky slave about all the fun I had flirting and partying while he worships my feet, and get right up close in his face when mentioning how I got fucked GOOD (and spit in his face). I want to make sure he BURNS with jealousy, it turns me on!! Then lean back and rub my smelly feet all over foot cuck’s face, making a total ass out of him while I continuing the verbal mocking–he just sits there on his knees and takes all this humiliation like an idiot!! I make him pull out his beta boner and tease it with my sexy feet until he’s about to erupt everywhere–now put it away and crawl off, loser…you’re in chastity, remember? – EmpressZeph Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale