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Muscle Girl Take Over – IronBelles

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Leaked Video: 27:36 min [1280×720] Watch Full Video Online – Muscle Girl Take Over Leak Kris Clark works her big strong hand magic on her massuese client, Alex a small blonde who secretly loves muscle women.

As Kris proceeds with her massage, her touch proves too hard for poor little Alex and Alex flinches and is complaining. Well . . . Kris just can’t take it anymore, she tells Alex that she will show her what a Strong Muscle Woman is all about . . . which she then proceeds to pick up Alex from the table and perform various lifts and carries of her to Alex’s pleasure and surprise.Kris completely takes charge and command over Alex in this sequel to Strong Muscle Woman.

Alex cannot keep her hands off of Kris’s strong hard muscular physique. She puts her hands under Kris’s shirt trying to find out more about what’s under there and Kris swiftly throws Alex down on the ground and completely dominates her, demanding muscle worhsip one her, stripping off her top and feeling her up, covering her with her bare pecs also.

The heat starts to rise as these two intertangle with each other.Kris Clark is now in total control over her little massage client and treating her so badly, thrashing her all over the floor, over powering her with them powerful muscular thighs, pile driving her in the air, headlocking this poor helpless little blonde Alex. There is virtually no escape from this power Muscle Beast!! ! – IronBelles Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale