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Step-Mom Ties You Up to Listen to Your Heartbeat – Talia Tate

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Your step-mother has you bound tightly to one of the dining room chairs as she waltzes back in the room with a stethoscope draped around her neck, confusing you even more. She takes a seat in the chair across from you as a big smile comes across her face. She shushes you and informs you that there is no need to struggle or worry, that she is not going to bring you any pain or harm. Instead, she’s tied you up to ensure you don’t run off or get weirded out by what she is about to do. Your step-mother wants to deepen your bond and see if you feel as strongly about her as she does you…so she will be listening to your heartbeat with her stethoscope. You struggle against the ropes a bit and she gives you a stern warning to calm down and let her show you how intimate and connecting this act can be. Her soft yet firm grip is on your shoulder as she places the instrument to your bare chest and begins to listen closely, grinning as the sounds of your rapid heartbeat fill her ears. Your thumping heart tells her all she needs to know about your feelings towards her and she continues to listen as she explains that this will become a new daily routine for you both. Consider it a new bonding activity… – Talia Tate Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale