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Doctor Appointment for Prostate Milking Ends in Chasity – VictoriaLotus

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Leaked Video: 13:52 min [2560×1440] Watch Full Video Online – Doctor Appointment for Prostate Milking Ends in Chasity Leak You’ve come in for a little bit of a proctology exam. I gently encourage you to get into the right positions as I use my therapeutic communication and gentle touch to open your bottom so I can asses you and get a better look. It seems as though you have an enlarged prostate upon initial penetration so I utilize my strap on instrumentation to fully express and milk your penis. It’s perfectly normal! After I collect a sample of your ejaculation and order the nurse to bring it to the lab downstairs, I then proceed to schedule your next milking session and explain why it may be necessary for you to wear “braces for your cock” since you aren’t getting full ejaculations. I will hold your key and you will have to come back to my office when you start to feel your prostate acting up again. – VictoriaLotus Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale