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Smoking And Caning Your Balls Custom – CassandraMayy

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Leaked Video: 05:45 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – Smoking And Caning Your Balls Custom Leak We are going to play a Mistress game. A game where only the Mistress can win. You are naked and bound in such a way that your balls are sticking out for me to cane but you can still reach your cock. The idea is simple. I want to stroke, you want to stroke, For every 5 stokes that you take to your cock, I get one with my cane to your balls. You must stroke to my instructions and if you don’t follow them I give you a stroke anyway. I light a cigarette and begin. I smoke and use you as my ashtray throughout. I start you slowly and the cane strokes are fairly light but I quickly increase the speed until I am caning almost continually and the strokes are full blooded. Eventually you cannot continue. I make fun of you for bitching out, and give you another couple of strokes for not obeying and leave you there saying that I will give you another go later. I put my cigarette out in your mouth and walk off.

This is a custom video. Want your own? Email or DM me!

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