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Slave Punishment-Sweaty Sock Sucking – TheTabithaJane

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Leaked Video: 15:01 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Slave Punishment-Sweaty Sock Sucking Leak You had tasks to do to change over my wardrobe, yet you dodn’t complete it. Instead of yelling at you, I’ve come up with a creative punishment. You’l be made to cum, but only while sniffing my feet and sucking all the sweat out of the winter socks I had to wear during my workout. I had to get fit with a pair of sweater socks that were thick and made my feet extra potent- when I shouldn’t have had to. The alternative is I tack on a month of chastity so you can’t cum at all. I know you’d rather cum while being in an embarrasing situation with my used socks, so we begin. The smell and look of them lets you know how much this is going to be, and my sweaty feet smell only confirms it once I take off the sweat holding fabric and place them in your mouth. You better figure out how to get hard, stay hard, and cum, or else you did all this just to get a month of no other orgasms. Next time you’ll know to complete the tasks like the house slave you are, lest I get more creative. Your face gets shoved into my shoes, socks buried in your mouth, and you’re reminded of your lack of listening that led you to this. – TheTabithaJane Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale