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Shy Little Latina Gets her Soft Feet Worshiped – footpunkz

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Leaked Video: 12:16 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Shy Little Latina Gets her Soft Feet Worshiped Leak We kept in contact as friends after last meeting up, but she wasn’t planning on doing anymore shooting. She had fun but she was so busy and lived 12 hours away, so it was really tough to plan out. I thought that my last meetup with her would be my last time with her feet…but 9 Months later and I finally got my 2nd chance to mess with this shy girl’s perfect toes.

She showed up, and was just as timid as the time before, but she quickly sat down and told me to take off her shoes. I could tell she was excited about getting her feet worshiped again. I didn’t waste any time as I peeled off her socks slowly, revealing once again some of the softest soles I’ve ever touched. And once she was barefoot..I was about to find out the shyness was all an act…

As soon as I started to worship her feet, she shoved all 5 toes in my mouth and started flexing them…pushing further and further down my throat. The big smile she has while I can barely breath was so devious and I loved it. She pushed her toes far down, wiggling them everytime she got the chance. She told me she wanted to show off her feet to the camera, and immediately her shyness returned. It was like a soon as she had someone to control, she would tease and cover my face until I could barely function..then as soon as I pulled away, she was the innocent timid girl. A combo that would put anyone under her control. – footpunkz Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale