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Leaked Video: 13:42 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – THE GAY AWAKENING 2 PODCAST: EPISODE #8 Leak This is the Gay Awakening 2 Podcast. *NOW FILMED IN VIDEO*The Goddess of Destruction – – has asked Me to assist Her in answering your confessions & questions. A huge shift in your sexuality is happening, and I/We are here to help you through it. This is a series where I respond candidly and assign tasks to your Confessions and Questions. You may go to My site to enter your confession or question for free – – There is also a place to upload any images or videos for Me to review, as well as a box to check if you’d like both G.O.D. & I to answer. The forms are already flowing in, so go fill yours out now!

IN THIS EPISODE #8 – slut Alex writes,
“Dear Mistress,
I have had fantasies about men for a while but recently they’ve been growing stringer. A couple weeks ago I walked in on another guy in the public restroom after a college party, his pants down to his ankles in front of the urinal. I can’t get the image of his big dangling balls and round hairy ass out of my mind. I think he was jerking off and sometimes frat guys meet up in these restrooms to fuck. How should I go about having an encounter there? Should I put on revealing clothes? I fantasize about comparing cocks, servicing a guys balls and asshole with my mouth in there, maybe while he’s pissing. I’d help with that too.” – MistressRavenFD Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale