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Party Girl Muscle Domination – IronBelles

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Leaked Video: 22:32 min [1280×720] Watch Full Video Online – Party Girl Muscle Domination Leak Debra D’Andrea is getting very angrier by the minute as her girlfriend has not come home and now it is 6am . . . where is she? After trouncing around in her room finally in walks her party girlfriend as if nothing is wrong. Well Deb lets into her demaning where have you been all night? You were suppossed to go out with me! And then she lets her have it, lifting her up spanking her ass, putting her up on the wall ledge, finger fucking her hard and then the fun is just starting guys!!!

Debra is dominating her girlfriend and punishing her for staying out all night without her. She has her on the floor, humping her, fingering her, lifting and benching her, great clit to clit close ups, she then proceeds to carry her into the bedroom where she has a full array of sexual toys and hard sex play in store for this victim girl!

The sexual party Debra has in store for her victim roommate is beyond words! First she has to eat her pussy real good, then she demands dildo sucking on Michelle, then she jumps on her and humps away in only the Debra D’Andrea style she can do. Finally Deb inserts a double dildo in herself to bring her pleasure while her victim girl sucks away on it . . . Deb is too much . . . ya just gotta watch this rambunctious finale to believe it!!!! – IronBelles Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale