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TABOO THERAPY-FANTASY – thedommebombshell

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After constantly dreaming about my stepmom and stepsisters I seek help. I go to see a counselor to get help and get my fantasies under control. The counselor sits me down and we chat about why I am there and how she can help. However, I am too embarrassed to tell you and you assure me that nothing leaves this room but I am still reluctant. You then decide to put me into trance and tell me to relax and focus on your pendant and words. After a while, I go under and I am in a deep trance but I can hear your voice in my head and then you ask me why I came to see you again and I tell you about my thoughts and dreams about those I live with. To get a better understanding, you say that I need me to think about my stepmom and my stepsisters. Then the scene changes and I can see my stepmom and stepsisters in my head, bending over and spanking their asses, squeezing their boobs and calling my name. Then it goes back to the counslor and she jots down some notes and then tells me what is happening now and in my head the females are rubbing their boobs on face and grinding their asses on my crotch while kissing me. The counselor writes some more and then notices my panting and fast breathing and asks what’s happening. In my head my stepmom and stepsisters are fucking me, while kissing and saying that they all love me and they want me to cum inside all of them and I do. Then the counselor snaps me awake and requires another session before blowing a kiss and winking at me. – thedommebombshell Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale