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FULL session of FEMALE DOMINATION – EmpressZeph

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Leaked Video: 27:18 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – FULL session of FEMALE DOMINATION Leak ~~~An extended, erotic, seductive, TOTALLY humiliating session of female domination!!! I turn my slave into nothing but an object for me to use, degrade, belittle, spit on, torment, seduce, tease and deny!! ~~~Starts with objectifying loser as my personal chair and rub my damp-with-foot-sweat, reeking, knee high gym socks all over his loser face…and then sit on his face in my booty shorts so he has to smell my stinky ass and also grind my pussy on his nose through my shorts. Feels SO good and I’m getting turned on! Then I stand full weight on his chest and face with my socks on, telling doormat that I conquered his face, haha. Then the ultimate tease and torment: I lay down on top of him, rubbing my pussy up and down his shaft mimicking sex, but not letting him go inside of me. I mercilessly tease, stopping each time before he releases–I love his hopeless begging!! Only my stud gets pussy!! I ride him, squeezing his neck with my hands till he turns purple, then spit in his mouth several times and make him BEG me to rub his throbbing boner with my fingers (so I edge him again lol)…while asking him “who do you worship?”~~~After some edging and denial, I press his face into my scented armpit and make him sniff and worship it, and lick it! The teasing and humiliation continues throughout–at the end, I let him rub his loser boner with my sneaker while I use his face to rest my smelly socks on. But do I let him release? This EPIC CLIP IS A FANTASTIC DISPLAY OF TOTAL FEMDOM. – EmpressZeph Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale