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Goddess Mesmerization – BratBarbieAlissa

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Leaked Video: 06:56 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Goddess Mesmerization Leak You’re infatuated with me, infact it’s deeper than that, you are a true worshipper of my goddess body, and you should take pride in that fact. You are my obedient pet, my beta, my simp and a true believer in the power and beauty of Goddess Alissa You can’t help but grab your throbbing cock and stroke for me as I caress my perfect body ever so gently with my finger tips. My long blonde hair cascades over my shoulders and magnificent tits. My skin is so soft, so silky, it’s glowing. You need me. You need my approval. You need my direction. You are a loyal devotee to Goddess Alissa. Embrace your infatuation with Goddess Alissa. Embrace the feeling my body gives you. Embrace the calm and soothing thoughts my voice brings you. Embrace your love for worshipping me. Embrace your love for worshipping my body. Pump. Pump. Pump. – BratBarbieAlissa Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale