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Advanced Sissy Mantras 2 Majesty Natalie – RebelleHart

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Leaked Video: 19:58 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Advanced Sissy Mantras 2 Majesty Natalie Leak Hey sissy, I know you came here directly from Majesty Natalie’s part 1 video because you just couldn’t get enough, LOL! You are so sissified and fucked up for us. We have such a hold on your sissy slutty soul. You are so lucky to have both your favourite brats reprogram and take advantage of you at once! Nod your head, sissy, you are sooooo lucky. You are such a good little bimbo for us!

These affirmations are the next step on your journey of complete sissification. Paying to say them out loud and to me and Natalie makes it even hotter. It turns you on so much knowing she and I are giggling to each other about what a sissy bitch you are as we read all the tip notes.

Making you so horny is what makes our mantras so effective! Natalie and I are the hottest brats you’ve ever seen, and you want to be just like us. You won’t be able to keep your hands off your slutty clitty while you watch us tease you with our perfect little bodies. You want to please us so badly. Being a good girl and paying us to emasculate you is your only choice, sissy. You must obey every word we say.

Now, get in your sluttiest panties, get on your knees, start playing with your clitty, and repeat after us…

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