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Leaked Video: 10:58 min [1440×1080] Watch Full Video Online – GIANTESS RAVEN DEVOURS YOGA BOY Leak Giantess Raven is hosting a yoga class for women, although the occasional man does attend. It never fails They always end up disrupting the class by moving closer to get a peek at Her ass. Irritated and frustrated, She gives this pathetic man at least 2 warnings. When She has had enough, She calls on Her witch powers to shrink him, where she transports him into her afternoon snack, an apple, & devours him. An apple a day keeps the annoying boys away. You will be taken on his journey from lips to stomach. *This is NOT a toilet fetish clip. If you would like this video with toilet fetish, look up “Shrunken Yoga Boy Turned Into Giantess Ravens Dooky”.

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