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Beta Appropriate – PraytoSerena

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Leaked Video: 07:56 min [3840×2158] Watch Full Video Online – Beta Appropriate Leak I don’t think beta’s are deserving of indulging in something online that they don’t get to experience regularly in real life. It’s only fair that your physical sexual suffering extends to a virtual sexual suffering as well. That’s why I created a beta appropriate strip tease for you social rejects to indulge in (in a capacity that correlates to your reality as a loser). Stroke away to my pixels, hold your cum and ride the edge of orgasmic bliss with me as I teach you exactly why kind of porn losers like you deserve to touch yourself to. This reality check and sexual wake up call is sure to have on the edge of your seat… begging to burst for my censored body. Fight the battle between logic and desire, and watch yourself inevitably lose to your insatiable, primal urge to stroke. Come rewire your beta brain with my beta appropriate strip tease! Welcome to your new normal, happy coping!
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