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HUMP PUPPY! HUMP – VL Productions

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Leaked Video: 12:23 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – HUMP PUPPY! HUMP Leak Bitch number 478 is the lucky one today as we allow him to worship our thigh high leather boots. Angelina and myself are topless wearing only our boots and panties. His nipples clamped he must be our little doggy bitch and do what we ask. He is allowed to orgasm BUT only by humping our boots. Precum drips from his hard cock as he buried his face in Angelinas perfect ass humping from behind. He is then allowed to hump viviennes boots as she lies down submissively. Such honour is too much excitement for the puppy slave and he pathetically dribbles out a measly spunk all over her panties and is suitably humiliated for such a gross act. Well of course he must now lick his mess and take punishment of a swift kick in the balls from each Mistress – VL Productions Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale