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Dominated By My Burps – HD – Goddess Clue

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Leaked Video: 07:47 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Dominated By My Burps – HD Leak My hot gas is in your face. You cannot resist it nor ignore it. With each burp that parts from My glossy pink lips you become more aroused. I push you until you reach a breaking point. Do you beg Me to stop or do you cum? My soft yet commanding voice puts you on the edge. The stench of My belches inebriates you. It is repulsive and unladylike but it turns you on indescribably hard. You shake your head and squeeze your eyes shut but there is no resistance to the smell and sound. I instruct you to breathe in each burp. Fill your lungs with the scent and submit to it. You will cave in and break. You will blissfully cum as I burp in your face. Only then will I set you free, but this is not enough. I know you will return, begging to once again be dominated by My burps. – Goddess Clue Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale