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SOMNAMBULISM – payivygrey

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Leaked Video: 21:11 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – SOMNAMBULISM Leak Have you ever felt so dazed and dumb you cannot decipher between whether you are awake or dreaming? Brain numbing relaxation is just a click away, trance junkie. Let Me guide you deep into a dreamy meditation. My velvety voice subdues your subconscious and I assume complete control of you. Tired and barely aware, you mindlessly obey as I make you stand up and perform different embarrassing movements. Strung up by My invisible ropes, I puppeteer you through the screen. Fast asle*p, you can’t say no to anything I make you do. Watch this clip after you have watched all of My induction and trigger clips, in that order. To find all of these clips simply type “induction” or “trigger” into the keyword search and start scrolling. Wear earbuds or headphones and dim the lights too. – payivygrey Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale