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The Goon Spell – Goddess_Blonde_Kitty

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Leaked Video: 31:02 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – The Goon Spell Leak Custom clip. Now that our Step-Parents are gone, we’ve been rummaging through all of their stuff as we clean out the house. There was one place we weren’t allowed to go: the attic. And you won’t believe it step-bro, I found this weird old book. It’s a book on black magic?
I read some strange poem out loud to you. As I do you start to feel woozy, light headed, and warm. You have an undeniable urge to stroke your cock, even though you are sitting in front of your sibling.

The next day I confess I heard you pumping your cock all night. That’s a little much. Maybe you are becoming a bit brain fucked. It’s time to make you less annoying so I’ve installed a mental trigger. Whenever you see Me in revealing clothing, you can’t help but compulsively masturbate. That will keep you out of My hair so I can properly hang out with My friends.

Oh no, I’ve left you for too long in that gooning state of stroking and pumping. Maybe these effects are permanent…?

Warning: Although this is a roleplay video, the words in the spell are researched and based on real incantations. – Goddess_Blonde_Kitty Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale