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Leaked Video: 03:04 min [2160×3840] Watch Full Video Online – COUNTING MY SIMP SENT CASH Leak Counting my slave’s savings all for me.
One of my lucky simps got to hand over all his cash savings.
Watch me count it all out.

I am the master of inflicting profound humiliation.
I take great pleasure in watching every reaction- no matter how small.

Tasks I ask of you are easy to execute that is why I expect them to be performed perfectly.
Everything will be conducted in my way, always.

All my good boys use a markup code.
Are you going to be my good boy today? Make me notice you!

Use You24238 to be ruined by Harper (1000% Markup)
Use You50931 to be drained by Harper (100% Markup)
Use You72808 to tell me how much you love me (50% Markup)
Use You54350 if you are a broke Harper addict (25% Markup)

Clip includes:
Blonde goddess, counting money.

How to approach and serve me: – YourGoddessHarperx Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale