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It’s Supposed to be Hard to Breathe – ServeGoddessD

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I’ve left dummy behind in the smotherbench for Holly to play with, and She’s happy to oblige! Having experience on both sides of this equation, smotherer and smotheree, Holly knows a lot of the tricks to make breathing particularly difficult. She gave him little sips of air often only to press back down before a full breath could be obtained.

When he complained about it being hard to breath She scoffed, because obviously that’s the point and there was really zero sympathy. Eventually Holly leaned back and even did some exercises on top of him, allowing Her thighs and ass to cover his face at varying intervals, causing struggle and panic beneath. Holly just knew exactly how to toy with him and didn’t get up on the final sit until he tapped out! – ServeGoddessD Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale