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Your Future In Chastity – ScarlettBelle

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Leaked Video: 09:21 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Your Future In Chastity Leak Your little dick is only useful to me as a source of entertainment, and lately it hasn’t been quite good enough. Sure, it’s fun to lock it away in chastity and tease you with everything you can’t have, but I want to take things further.

What you need is a much smaller cage – one that’s so small that you can’t actually achieve a full erection. The longer you wear it, the weaker and softer your dick will become. See, I don’t think you deserve to have a functioning dick at all! It’s way too small to be of any use to my pussy, so why should you be able to get hard and jerk off to me? It would be much more fun to make you completely impotent and ruin your ability to ever have sex again!

We’re going to train your dick to shrink down even smaller, until it’s a tiny soft nub. Say goodbye to your boners, little guy. You won’t be able to get hard ever again.

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