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Collecting Your DNA – PinkCandyEc

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Leaked Video: 07:14 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – Collecting Your DNA Leak NO SPECIAL EFFECTS – The sounds of thunder are REAL!

The scene opens where he is seated tied to a chair naked and blindfolded. She walks into the room dressed in a leather jacket, leather skirt and leather boots. Her nails are painted and wearing rings. She tell him you are there to extract his dna. She tell him she want to make this as fast as possible, so she ask him what is his greatest fetish. He tells her that he loves to have his mouth covered by a sexy woman’s hand. So she sensually walk behind him and slowly and sensually begin to cover his mouth with her hand. She hold it there for a few seconds and the sensually change grips and few times. Then she step to the side of him and cover his mouth with one hand and begin jerking him off with the other. She does this for a few minutes changing hands periodically. She ride him a little too until he is about to cum she pulls out and let him cum on her hand. A big load for her DNA collection. – PinkCandyEc Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale