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Black & Blue Balls MOV – TheHarlotHouse

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Leaked Video: 14:27 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Black & Blue Balls MOV Leak Feat. Dacey Harlot, Irene Silver, & Dexter Darkly

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Dacey and Dexter have been dating for a few months and things have been going great. But for the last few days Dexter has been acting differently. Dacey has been cheated on in the past and isn’t taking any chances. She did a little digging and it didn’t take long to find he’s got a fucking tinder account. He didn’t even bother to take a new profile picture; he just blocked Dacey’s face out of it!  

Furious and fuming Dacey calls up her friend Irene. She recruits Irene to swipe right on Dexter and see exactly how far he takes it. 

Unfortunately for Dexter he takes everything too far. It only took a few minutes before he was sexting,  sending dick pics, asking for nudes and even inviting her over to chill at his place. So Dacey and Irene come up with a plan and Irene tells Dexter she’s on her way over. 

Irene arrives and Dexter is all over her. She plays along flirting and letting him grope her. As Irene takes off her top for him, she tells Dexter she wants to see if he looks as good as he did in those pictures he sent her earlier and to strip down. Acting impressed, Irene tells Dexter to sit down and then straddles him. As she’s got him pinned down sm othering him in her tits, Irene reveals the truth behind her visit and blasts him in his balls. Dexter is helplessly trapped under Irene’s full weight as she smashes his balls back into his stomach. She finally lets Dexter up but as he tries to recover Irene grabs him by the throat and slams him against the wall. Dexter instantly knows there’s no way he can escape her. She’s way too fast and incredibly strong. Irene spends the next 10 mins tossing Dexter around the room pulverizing his balls in every position she could think of. Punching, kicking, kneeing, pulling, twisting and smashing his balls into the floor with her toes. By the end Dexter and Irene are naked and covered in sweat as he begs for forgiveness. When Irene gets tired of listening to his begging she stands him up against the way, makes him hold his shaft and gives him 1 Front Snap Kick for every dick picture he sent her.