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Beg to Kiss My Butt – Talia Tate

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Leaked Video: 07:26 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Beg to Kiss My Butt Leak There’s nothing more gratifying than having a grown man on his knees, begging and pleading with all of his might for the privilege and opportunity to worship me. Today, that man is you and I expect nothing but your most valiant effort to impress me with your most desperate behavior. I want hands grasped together, those big, sad pick-me-eyes with elegant words of want and need spilling from your lips. My ass is your religion, your altar, your everything and I demand that you treat it as such. When you’ve displayed how determined you are to get near my divine derriere, I’ll allow you to approach and place only your lips upon my precious peach. Your hands will stay under yourself as you experience the incredible act of kissing my ass. I won’t be surprised if, or should I say when, you blow your load just from the pure joy and overstimulation that will be sure to surface within you once you’ve had me on your lips. I love watching you grow even weaker and more addicted to my dangerous curves… – Talia Tate Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale