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Giantess Breaks Her House – SerephDoll

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Leaked Video: 08:01 min [1280×720] Watch Full Video Online – Giantess Breaks Her House Leak Sereph has a surprise for you. She is going to grow so large right in front of your eyes. She takes a magic potion and before she knows it her body is swelling and growing. She loves the way her body feels as it stretches to the limits she never though could. She is so big she can touch the ceiling now but wait….this isn’t right. She isn’t supposed to be THIS big. She is going to bust through this house if she doesn’t stop! Where is her little man at now? She needs him but she can’t see him any longer she is so big. As she busts through the roof she looks down on her tiny house and the earth shakes when she moves. “Where are you?!” she calls but can’t see anything. Everyone is running afraid of this new giant. **This clip has sound effects added during the giantess walking** – SerephDoll Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale