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ABDL Audio spanked diapered in backseat – DiaperPerv

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Leaked Video: 09:09 min [640×480] Watch Full Video Online – ABDL Audio spanked diapered in backseat Leak “you have to what!?” Your step-mom whips around from the drivers seat! Why didn’t you tell her earlier that you needed to pee… the next exit isn’t for about 10 mins. Well, try and hold it. But you can’t despite her encouragement and start wetting your pants!! There’s a wet spot… oh no! D-Perv has to quickly pull over off the side of the highway, stop the car & make you get out so you can finish wetting your pants & minimize damage to car seats. She is PISSED OFF and immediately pulls down your wet pants & wet undies and starts spanking your bare bum as cars drive by! how humiliating!  SHe gets the diaper bag out of the trunk, fluffs out a diaper, lays it down on the backseat & tells you to lay over it so she can wipe you and… dang… only one wipe so your legs are still pissy and will have to air dry. She sprinkles powder on you & asks your step-sis to help hold so she can tape it tightly. That’s it… just a quick wetting, spanking and diapering & back to the road trip. It’s all so embarrassing. – DiaperPerv Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale