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I will hide your tiny body from my gf or – KateRoss

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Leaked Video: 05:38 min [1280×720] Watch Full Video Online – I will hide your tiny body from my gf or Leak Customer wrote:

It’s a Giantess video where you found and shrunk your first You play with him by stuffing him in your bra and since you remembered how much he loved your ass you decided to keep sitting on him (maybe some bouncing too). Then you hear your gf coming so you tell him that you’re going to have to hide him because she’s way too rough and really doesn’t care if the guy survives. You mention that the last little guy she found she convinced you to shove him head first into your asshole and then got the strap on. You also mention how you almost felt bad when you climbed on top but it felt too good to pass up. Then you stand up and say that there’s only one place to hide him where she won’t look. You pull down the back of your jeans and shove him in and pull your jeans back up and plop down real fast so you don’t draw attention and act like nothing happened. Feel to ad-lib if you want to. – KateRoss Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale