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Domme Boss Wants a Sex Toy – LondonLix

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Leaked Video: 17:33 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Domme Boss Wants a Sex Toy Leak You’re called into your female bosses office for the quarterly review, and you’re nervous, because you know you haven’t been performing well. I call you out on this, highlighting you as a brawny body, pretty face, and not much else. You’re fairly useless as a direct employee of the company, but you might be useful to me, personally. The board allows me a personal budget to spend however I like each year, to keep me happy, keep me sane, and keep my brilliantly creative ideas flowing. And I’ve found that I need a certain little something…a sex toy if you will. A HUMAN sex toy. I want you to be my personal sex servant. To cater to my every desire, fetish, and need. I’ll warn you…I have quite the dominant streak. Occasionally this might involve you being pegged over my desk or fucked up against the glass window for all of your colleagues to see. Humiliating, sure, but maybe also something you can take pride in? I know the men around the water cooler have spoken about just how much they want to fuck me. You’re here to make me orgasm. So what do you say? Want me to just fire you here & now, or are you ready to take on your new role? – LondonLix Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale