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LOVE SPELL With Binaurals And Triggers – QueenCarmella

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Leaked Video: 09:44 min [3840×2160] Watch Full Video Online – LOVE SPELL With Binaurals And Triggers Leak A somber mind fuck, you will be triggered by a repetitive loop of love addiction simulations as you make love to me. Repetitively whirling around your brain, my love spell takes you under to keep you reliant on this euphoric feeling. This will put you in a deep trance. The spell will work, because you will be hooked. Crawling back for more, admiring me, worshipping me, being totally head over heels in love. In such a vulnerable state for a man, this can be so dangerous. Being weak, you hand over all power, but that’s ok. The spell penetrates any man that crosses my path, as they ALWAYS fall deep. – QueenCarmella Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale