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MOE’s Mantras : Make yourself Small – MissMelancholyMoe

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Leaked Video: 07:33 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – MOE’s Mantras : Make yourself Small Leak Clear your mind of EVERYTHING and receive this mantra from your Goddess: “i will make myself small for Goddess MOE”. Breathe in and breathe out – now repeat. It feels GOOD reprogramming your mind for Me, doesn’t it? Saying your mantras daily will aid you on your journey of submission, and I will be your guide. Listen to My words of explanation as you repeat your mantra… feeling your ego shrink with each repetition. This is GOOD for you. This is what you need. you are here because you know something… or someone is missing from your life, and you are ready to fill that void with My FemDom Divinity. you know and accept that I am your one true Goddess. you acknowledge and kneel before My powerful and holy form- you beg for My approval and direction. It all starts here with this mantra. – MissMelancholyMoe Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale