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Brandon Crushes Dick’s Manhood – AkiraShell

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Leaked Video: 13:35 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Brandon Crushes Dick’s Manhood Leak Clearly having misunderstood the proper attire for a foot masseur– Dick wears skimpy latex shorts with his cock protruding and his ass cheeks firmly separated from each other as Goddess Brandon comes in for her pampering session. Instantly disappointed with her sub, Brandon decides that it’s best to change up todays plans to ensure something so disrespectful ever happens again. She decides to show him what’s truly appropriate with the outfit that he has on right now- some good ol’ ballbusting.

Channeling all her anger into her movement, Brandon suddenly kicks his cock and it instantly turns throbbing red. Buckling in pain, Dick moans in pain and surprise. She smashes his cock and crushes his balls with her precious perfect foot. Unable to do anything but withstand the blows, Dick can’t do anything but moan in extreme pain as he leans into the pain. There are a lot of lessons to be taught to the poor, battered guy, but he looks like he’s about to any moment from now.

Begging for forgiveness, Dick attempts to get his Mistress to stop but Brandon isn’t done with him yet. Extremely pissed, she might smack his cock so hard he’d have to call for a doctor- but that’s up to her discretion. Brandon kicks his crotch without breaking a sweat, with just a small power exerted. Here he is, with swollen balls, a wrecked cock, limping in pain, feeling ashamed of his devious actions today.

Lesson learned, Dick. Lesson learned. – AkiraShell Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale