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Beating my Slave just for my fun 2 – The Dragonlady

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Leaked Video: 07:35 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Beating my Slave just for my fun 2 Leak Today i chain my slave on the floor and then i start beating him with a stick. I beat his back, his feet and if he turns away, i hit him on whatever parts he exposes. I hit him so hard that the stick breaks. Ok. Back to the good old riding crop. (I’ll find a use for that broken stick in another video). In between i kick him with my high heels, to get him to turn over, so i can hit him on the other side of his body. Why i’m so cruel you might ask. The reason is simple. I’m sadistic and enjoy it. Yes, it makes me horny. – The Dragonlady Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale