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Turning Tables on Mistress Scarlett – ScarlettFoxett

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Turning Tables

Back again little pig well what shall we do today, I’m thinking of some bondage and pegging, and of course it would be super fun to gag you too, as I really don’t want to listen to you whilst I pound your arse… Sub, what are you doing? NO! Get back, noooooo…
Oh dear Mistress Scarlett’s sub has turned the tables on her, stripped her of her clothes, and hogtied her! And she is NOT happy! She is furious!

You cunt bitch fucker! How dare you! Let me out! UNTIE ME NOW!

He’s going to do no such thing, instead he uses the very ball gag that she was going to use on him to muffle her angry threats. She still screams in frustration through her gag. After awhile the Mistress gets tired and trys a new strategy; pleading.
She pleads, and begs through her gag, even offering to such his cock if he lets her go. Finally she asks what he actually wants….
WHAT?! – ScarlettFoxett Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale