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Goon for Me – Talia Tate

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Leaked Video: 09:30 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Goon for Me Leak I know you love my sensual, sultry voice and especially when I’m using it to lure you into pumping and edging for hours and hours on end. That’s just my plan for you today. I want you to get nice and comfortable, I know you gooners have your rituals and specific set-ups, so don’t slack on me now. Take your time and get your other screens set up, but keep me front and center with my rich, honey voice melting in your ear as you begin to touch and stroke. I want you to feel dazed, euphoric, mindless after sitting in the dark with nothing but my beautiful presence and your favorite porn keeping you company as you tug your throbbing, hard cock for hours. You can leak all the pre-cum you want, but you will not release. I want those balls swollen and aching and your mind nothing but mush after you’re done gooning for me. – Talia Tate Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale