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Ruining Your Wife’s Life – JessiB

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Leaked Video: 08:46 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Ruining Your Wife’s Life Leak Your wife is a fucking saint for marrying a pathetic nasty ugly loser like you! Maybe it was a selfless act, a kind act to get good karma, or maybe she is such a good person that she managed to see past the fact that you are so ugly and stupid. She even stayed with you even though you seem to hold her back. Sher has friends, but do you? Are her friends friendly with you? She has limitless possibilities. She can make more money, have a better job, have better sex with a big dick man that isn’t a loser, but instead she is punishing herself by being with you!

You should be worshiping the ground she walks on, be in her debt forever. What kind of a loser dates someone as amazing as her and still comes here and buys these videos. What a POS you are! If it isn’t bad enough that you are a failure, you are ugly with a little dick, are incredibly stupid, fail at everything you do, but you have this beautiful wife that loves you for whatever reason and you STILL come here and buy these videos. What a fucking loser.

Imagine all of the things she can do without you. She could have so much fun without you, it would get so much better if you just weren’t around. She could do so much better but she is with you. Aren’t you ashamed that you are holding her back and ruining her life?

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