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Vandalized Burglar: Vonka Beatsdown Andr – Cali Logan

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Leaked Video: 06:40 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Vandalized Burglar: Vonka Beatsdown Andr Leak Andreas is a wanna be criminal who sneaks into Vonka’s home with intentions of petty theft. He doesnt know that Vonka is home, nor does he know that she is trained in MMA…but boy does he find out!

Vonka startles him out of his snoop and immediatley delivers a stomach punch that throws him back. She then throws him to the floor and bears her foot down no his crotch, smashing his dick and balls. He apologiezes and tells her to call the cops, but she has her own idea of justice.

Andreas receives a series of real, hard face slaps and body punches that leave him wincing. Vonka has fun verbally berating him while in wrestling holds and pulls him around by his hair, just for fun. Instead of turning him in, Vonka decides that she will lock him up in her basement while she thinks of more fun things to do.

Part 2 of this saga should be interesting…

This clip runs 6 minutes long and includes mixed wrestling, femdom, mixed fighting, ball busting, face slapping, scissor holds, male vs female, hair pulling, belly punching, beatdown.

PS- Andreas is our new, local male talent and currently available for customs across many genres. – Cali Logan Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale