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You Won’t Make Me Cum – AkiraShell

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Oh, what are you doing here, with that tiny little dick? No, this just isn’t going to work. Akira instructs you not to move an inch, stand exactly where you are (across the damn room) if you wish to be in her presence at all. Both you and Akira know that there is NOTHING you can do to please a GODDESS such a herself, other than pay for her luxurious lifestyle.

You see her perfectly shaped, fit, tight body? You will NEVER get to touch it, except to lick and kiss her feet, squirming and BEGGING to place money at her elegant size 8.5 feet… now that you’ve paid the price, you are to stand there, still as a fucking statue, and watch as this hitachi makes Akira cum harder than you will EVER make a woman cum. You both know your PATHETIC place in life. – AkiraShell Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale