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Making My Sons Girlfriend A Cuckquean – Emmas Secret Life

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You would be my sexually frustrated mother. You come home after a long day at work, exhausted, not in a mood to be messed with. You come in looking for me but all you hear is noises coming from my room. You come over towards the room looking for me and as you get closer to my bedroom door to hear the sounds of two people fucking. You look through the small crack of the door and see my girlfriend and I going at it.

You’re shocked but also very intrigued by what you see. You never thought of me like this before and you stand by the door and watch some more. You’re getting turned on and start rubbing yourself. After a little bit of touching yourself, you decide to come in and ruin our fun and have some of your own.

You come in and confront us, reading us both the riot act. It’s your house and if anyone should be fucking in it should be you. You order my girlfriend off my cock, you come over to the bed and pull your skirt up. You order me to eat your pussy. I lay down and you straddle my face. You’re loving it. It’s so naughty and wrong but you don’t care anymore. You talk trash to my girlfriend about how much better your pussy tastes than hers. How you’re going to own all of me after today. My face, my dick, my cum.

After some pussy eating, you’re now craving some cock in your pussy. You get off my face and decide to ride me facing my girlfriend. You gasp as I enter your pussy, you’re loving how fat and thick my cock is. We start fucking and you’re going crazy how good it is. You haven’t been fucked so good in such a long time you’re in ecstasy. My girlfriend still there watching, starts playing with herself also getting turned on. She’s turned on watching us and you encourage her on.

I’m building towards orgasm. You want my cum in your pussy, you order me not to pull out. You want me to fill you up so much that it drips out. I let out a big moan and explode, you love it, tell me how much of a good boy I am and how I’m all yours now, no one else’s.

You hop off my cock and tell me next time I get the urge to fuck in your house I should find you and you’ll help me with getting rid of that urge. As for my girlfriend she seems quite turned on watching us fuck so your offer her an open invitation to watch whenever she’s around. – Emmas Secret Life Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale