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Every Day is the Same for Losers – JessiB

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Leaked Video: 08:14 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – Every Day is the Same for Losers Leak For someone like me a bad day is a one off, the next day will come and it will be better, this is what happens when you’re someone like me. But for a loser with a sad pitiful life things just don’t get better. Every day feels bad when you are a loser. It feels like the bad days never end, they just keep coming! Losers get bad deals, the short end of the stick, and eventually you wonder when it will end. That day will never come! You will never have good luck and nothing will look up for you.

You might even think that things could not possibly get worse, but then it hits you and suddenly it does get worse. You can try to fix things, turn things around, but in the end it doesn’t fucking matter. This is just how it is supposed to be, fate decided this for you. Good days and good luck go to people that aren’t losers, that are deserving of good things. Some people are just so lucky and happy and that’s because it has been taken from a loser like you.

Bad day today? Bad day tomorrow, then the next and the next. No one feels sorry for you because this is just how it is when you are a loser like you. – JessiB Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale