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The Premie Problem – YesMissVixen

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Leaked Video: 06:35 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – The Premie Problem Leak And by “the” premie problem, I very much mean “your” premie problem. You know—the thing where you pop off almost even before you can so much as touch your pathetic excuse for a cock? Yeah, that problem.

It’s almost as annoying and unsatisfying as you yourself are. It’s also never going to change.

Honestly, the only thing your little problem is good for is a consistent source of entertainment. Your stamina is always good for a cheap laugh. The desperate face you make as you try to stave off your pathetic orgasm. The little groaning sounds that escape when you’re so close and so disappointed by that knowledge. The way you look so embarrassed when you blow too fast to even pretend it wasn’t an accident. All of it is hilarious to me.

I guess what I mean to say is The Premie Problem—you—definitely exists, but you’re the only one suffering for it. As for me, I’ll always enjoy the opportunity to mock you for being the subpar excuse for a male you are.

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