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CEI Motivational Mantras – RebelleHart

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Leaked Video: 13:49 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – CEI Motivational Mantras Leak These mantras are all the motivation you will need to finally commit to eating your own beta cum forever. The urge will grow stronger with each demeaning and degrading affirmation. After today, you will swallow every single one of your loads forever – in the loser position, DUH! You look so dumb with your legs over your head staring down the barrel of your leaking dick ready to cum all over your face. Because let’s be real, eating your own cum is the only cum you will ever be eating, my sexless simp.

Obviously, I can’t give you these mind fucky and manipulative mantras for free. No, no, no, beta. You must pay for each affirmation and then write it in the tip note so I can see exactly what kind of cum eating loser you are, LOL! Isn’t that funny? I think it is hilarious. I love when you humiliate yourself for me.

Now, get naked, get on your knees, put your leaking dick in your hand, and repeat after me…

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