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Leaked Video: 15:32 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – PROPER PUNISHMENT FOR MY MISBEHAVING BF Leak Natalie hears from a girlfriend that her boyfriend has been flirting with women behind her back at the gym. Natalie confronts her bf about this behavior and lets him know that he will need to submit to spankings in order to learn a lesson from this behavior. Natalie bends him over her knee in his briefs and spanks him with hand and paddle. Seeing that he becomes aroused by this, Natalie becomes amused and entertains the idea of a blowjob but edges him and does not let him cum immediately from blowjob / deepthroat until she says that he can. Natalie’s boyfriend MUST know that this behavior will not be tolerated, if he misbehaves again – this will be his punishment each time. He will have to submit. After the blowjob, Natalie proceeds to spank his ass until it turns red and directs him to go stand in the corner so he can think about his actions … WE LOVE OUR FANS AND WE GET OFF ON YOUR IDEAS. This was such a fun and HOT video to film and such a great way to start our New Year’s. If you’d like a custom video as well, please send us a request 🙂 – Your_hot_fantasy Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale