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A Useful Ashtray – raquelroperxxx

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Leaked Video: 05:24 min [1920×1080] Watch Full Video Online – A Useful Ashtray Leak I’m lounging by the pool in Mexico, enjoying my vacation. But he, he is going to be of use. Put to work. Mouth open wide and eagerly awaiting to be of service to me in the form of an ashtray. I’ve taken his last cigarette as my own. If he swallows down my ashes without hesitation, and follows my lead’ perhaps I will pity him with a few clouds blown in his direction for him to attempt to suck up. It would be the closest thing to a drag that he will receive as my ashtray. As you should be able to tell, dehumanizing men into ash receptacles brings me such pleasure and amusement, and he should feel the same. Honored to swallow the debris of his lastĀ cigarette. – raquelroperxxx Leaked Manyvids Clips4Sale